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In Memory

Jim Grossman

Jim Grossman

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10/30/10 01:55 AM #1    

Michael Stecker MD

Jim Grossman's 2001 autobiography, as well as those from others Mumford 1961 classmates can be read at:


Jim Grossman


Impression from reading all the bios, which I have enjoyed very much:

1. I believe I went to school with a doctor in every major city in the country.

2. I'm embarrassed that I've never written a book.

3. So many classmates retired or thinking about it ... and I'm still just one lotto ticket away from retirement myself.

4. I am jealous of everyone with grandchildren.

5. Looking up names and faces in my Capri has been great fun. At 17 & 18, everyone looked terrific. So many good looking women that I never knew.

Now as for me... Six years at U of M resulted in an MBA in Marketing and a career in Advertising and Public Relations. I've worked for large agencies, medium sized agencies and owned a couple of small agencies. Along the way, I also spent two years in professional football as VP/Marketing for the Michigan Panthers of the USFL. That was a lot of fun, but the league folded and I had to go back to a real job. Currently, I'm involved with three businesses. Pronto Promotions is an Ad Specialty company I operate with my wife and stepdaughter. Grossman Marketing (catchy name!) is a one-man agency and marketing consultancy. I have a couple of accounts and do strategic planning for corporations and non-profit organizations. And finally, with ex-Detroit Tiger, Darrell Evans, I have a company that conducts baseball Fantasy Camps with minor league teams. None of these has made me rich, but I live comfortably and have a lot of fun.

On a personal front, I have been married three times (#1, Barbara Friedlander for all you ex-U of M residents of Mary Markley; #2, Barbara Lupiloff Berent, Mumford, '64). For my third wife, I decided to try a different first name. Judy and I have a mixed marriage -- She graduated from Ohio State! Barbara #1 and I have two children. Elizabeth (U of M, U of M Law) is an attorney for the EEOC in NYC (She is recovering from the traumatic events of September 11, sleeping better and staying busy supervising her staff and helping to put their office back together in a new location. Thanks for asking.), living in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. She has been with the same man (an environmental attorney) for over 8 years, but so far no wedding and no children, but they're trying. My son, Jonathan (U of M, MPP & JD from Harvard) is an attorney in Washington, DC and still single. I also have 5 stepchildren, -- 3 courtesy of Barbara # 2, and 2 from Judy. All are adults; none are married and NO grandchildren. I'm getting desperate!!

I do see some of my old friends, but only casually around town. Bob Dovitz and I are still friends -- we get together a few times a year. The other member of "our driving group" -- Cliff Franzel, sadly passed away nearly ten years ago as a result of Hodgkin’s disease. The only good thing is that it brought Bob and I back together. This email network we have established in anticipation of the reunion has put me back in touch with some old friends I've not seen or talked to since Mumford or college -- Dorothea Buchalter, Judy Berlin, Judi Abramson, Larry Baskin, Roseanne Kotzer, Nanci Grace. Maggie Ozer. So anyone who feels like saying hello, feel free. baseball@prontopromotions.com

I look forward to seeing everyone in November.

PS to Eddie Schutzman: Of course I remember you. Hampton School, 8th grade photo, front row with a bow tie!

[Jim Grossman]


07/27/11 02:41 PM #2    

Nancie Grace (Vann)

Jimmy, You will be sorely missed at this our 50th year reunion.  My memories of you are so vast and whenever I think of you I smile.  You had the wonderful ability to find laughter in everything and I treasure our friendship in both Hampton and Mumford.  I know there will be many moments when your name is spoken and I am sure you will hear it all. 

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