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    2.  Henry Gornbein - Still making a difference!


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      2.         What's New With Our Henry Gornbein?

Remember attending Mumford Band and Orchestra Concerts and the feeling of pride

you shared when you saw your friend performing on stage? 

Fast forward to today when you see and realize that band members like Henry

are still are on stage - Making better lives for all of us!

Henry Biking the Rhône River - Lyon France

Henry Gornbein was the first chair clarinet in our Mumford Band and Orchestra. After a successful career in family law his sensitivities continue to find  ways to remain first chair and help others.  See how Henry is helping our demographic by reading this recent article. 

From Michigan Seniors Guide : Welcome to Gracefully Greying

Sometimes, we have a choice about how we are aging. Other times, there is a swift event that upends everything we thought about retirement and growing older. Enter, the Gracefully Greying community filled with information for those 55+ and/or taking care of loved ones. 

Gracefully Greying tackles subjects that reach this demographic, including medical needs, financial, housing, estate, and long-term planning. There is a wealth of information for and about seniors from seeing a new doctor, preparing for surgery, setting up durable powers of attorney, job transitions, and selecting caregivers, to how to have difficult conversations with parents. There are interviews about heavy subjects such as gray divorces and grandparents’ rights, computer scams targeting seniors, and avoiding becoming a victim of scams in general. There is also content for the good times including a cooking series, traveling tips for seniors, volunteering, and other leisure activities.

Subject matter experts lend their voices and resources to the community. Gracefully Greying has interviewed everyone from State Supreme Court Justices to Hospice Directors, and Nutritionists. Interviews livestream every Tuesday morning at 9:15 AM (EST) on Facebook and LinkedIn. They are also available on the gracefullygreying.com website and YouTube, which are updated multiple times a week to bring you the latest information. Being part of the Gracefully Greying community means more than just visiting a traditional website. There are also checklists, classes, articles, additional interviews, and a monthly newsletter. 

In 2022 Gracefully Greying began to expand with dedicated series on topics including:

Health Related Interviews by Lila Lazarus, an award-winning journalist. Lila lives and breathes the message of health and wellness, striving to educate and inspire the community to live healthier lives. Lila produces a series of videos each year for Gracefully Greying, Lila’s Good Health, which also appears on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s websites.

Cooking with Mindy: Delicious Meals for One or Two, is set to debut shortly. Mindy helps with in-home menu planning for families and empty-nesters and is also a certified Life Coach. Mindy joins our team with this cooking series focused on healthy and delicious meal prep for one or two people.

Gracefully Greying now has a content sharing agreement with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The platforms provide each other with content from Gracefully Greying and pull content from MI Blues Perspectives and A Healthier Michigan on the company’s website.

Gracefully Greying has also produced Listing Life Fully, a comprehensive workbook to create a smooth transition for your loved ones when the unexpected happens. Users can prepare, record, and organize important documents all in one place for their future reference and for designated people helping them. This is available in hard-copy or as a downloadable PDF from the website shop page.

Gracefully Greying was started by co-founders, Henry Gornbein and Laurie Blume. Gornbein has practiced family law in the Metro Detroit area for over 50 years. Gornbein is of counsel at Lipson Neilson PC. Blume is the owner of Blume Design, a marketing, strategy, and design firm. She has worked with clients on comprehensive marketing campaigns and solutions. Together, they have developed a well-rounded platform to create open and meaningful discussions and provide resources to handle daily life.

Gracefully Greying is free to the public, thanks to our supporters and advertisers and directory members. Please join us by signing up for our newsletter at https://bit.ly/gg-newsletter23.

Enjoy all that the Gracefully Greying community has to offer - share it with your friends and loved ones. If there are topics, stories, or discussions that would interest you, please contact us at info@gracefullygreying.  We’d love to hear from you!

Let Henry know your thoughts by private message on our website or

Tap and enter the gracefully grey website https://gracefullygreying.com/  





 Other Mumford Class of "61" Home Page content changes and additions:

1. In Memory - Gerald Jerry Share

2. In Memory - Sandra Sandi Stearn Begel

3. In Memory - Lawrence Grosberg

4. Remembering our Mumford Website co-founder Ben Craine

5. Mumford Memories

1. Gerald Arthur ( Jerry ) Share  of Overland Park, KS and recently of Farmington Hills , MI passed on July 13, 2023. 

To add your thoughts and memories of Jerry go to his page.  Tap this live link: "In Memory" to do so.

 May his memory be a blessing and may he rest in peace.

2. Sandra Sandi Stearn Begel of Oak Park, MI passed on April 3, 2023. 

To add your thoughts and memories of Sandi go to her page.  Tap this live link: "In Memory" to do so.

 May her memory be a blessing and may she rest in peace.   

Professor Lawrence M. Grosberg (1944-2023)

3. Professor Lawrence Grosberg of New York, New York passed on March 7, 2023. 

To add your thoughts and memories of Larry go to his page.  Tap this live link: "In Memory" to do so.

 May his memory be a blessing and may he rest in peace.   


4. Remembering Our Mumford Website co-administrator, Benjamin (Ben) H. Craine  of Bloomfield Township, Michigan,
passed away after sunset on June 26, 2022. 
As Co- editor, this website reflects his true goodness, caring nature and inclusive values.
As a true mensch he made your heart smile, knew the right thing to do and as a decision maker
artfully shared his thinking. Ben's page - Tap this live link:  "In Memory" 

FYI: By tapping any link  "In Memory"  above, you will be taken to  our classmate's page to add your thoughts - to remember.





Mumford Memories - RESCUED


                                            Trophiy: Mumford Track - City Champions



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Now Gone - Our Mumford remains a reflection within the New Building by: A Collens 

What does it look like Where you Live? 

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Downtown Detroit & Riverwalk Images

by: Arnie Collens


Good any time of year: the wall at Buddy's Conant & 6 Mile, Detroit
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