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     Now Gone - Our Mumford remains a reflection within the New Building by: A Collens 


There’s Excitement in the Air

What a Ride we’ve had!

Good News   - 

WE HAVE a Class of "61" Reunion in 2023!


We're off of hold. 

It’s the right time to celebrate our 60th Mumford Class of “61” Reunion in 2023!

It’s past time to get past those phone calls, zooms and emails to say hello to each other in person! It’s past time to reconnect, time to rekindle our friendships, and time to remember those special yesterdays of our Mumford and our neighborhood.  We sincerely hope that you can attend this momentous occasion.  And, with heartfelt anticipation, whether we meet at Fredson’s, Cupid’s Bow, Lou’s, Zukin’s, Billy’s, Darby’s or on the Pickford corner of the drivers training track we’re look forward with open arms to being together:

Save the date: 

Weekend of October 7 & 8, 2023

Saturday Fun Tour “Detroit Things Remembered and our Neighborhoods” 

Saturday Evening Get together

Main event: Knollwood Country Club – Sunday Brunch

Choose to participate in any part or all weekend events

Details to follow

Bob Dovitz, Chair and the Reunion Formation Committee

Want to help? Let us know at the website.



 Mumford Class of "61" Home Page content changes and additions:

1. In Memory - Lawrence Grosberg

2. Remembering our Mumford Website co-founder Ben Craine

3. In Memory - Janice Klein

4. Mike Schermer Treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp


Professor Lawrence M. Grosberg (1944-2023)

1. Professor Lawrence Grosberg of New York, New York passed on March 7, 2023. 

To add your thoughts and memories of Larry go to his page.  Tap this live link: "In Memory" to do so.

 May his memory be a blessing and may he rest in peace.   


2. Remembering Our Mumford Website co-administrator, Benjamin (Ben) H. Craine  of Bloomfield Township, Michigan,
passed away after sunset on June 26, 2022. 
As Co- editor, this website reflects his true goodness, caring nature and inclusive values.
As a true mensch he made your heart smile, knew the right thing to do and as a decision maker
artfully shared his thinking. Ben's page - Tap this live link:  "In Memory" 
3. Janice Klein  of Flint, Michigan  passed away on August 9, 2020.  

To add your thoughts and memories of Janice  go to her website page.

 Tap this live link: "In Memory"  to do so.  May her memory be a blessing and may she rest in peace. 


FYI: By tapping any link  "In Memory"  above, you will be taken to  our classmate's page to add your thoughts - to remember.


4.                                              Mike Schermer

Bagley Dreamer - Mumford Star -  Treks to Mt Everest Base Camp

"Mt Everest Base Camp 5364" (17,594 feet) Mike, displaying  Mumford 61 sign

A note to my classmates

                I shared the details of my visit to Everest Base Camp with a few classmates, one of whom notified Arnie Collens, so now my adventure has a presence on this inspired website.  Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay climbed Mt. Everest in 1953.  Shortly after that a documentary was shown at our neighborhood movie theater, was it the Royal?  Ever since then I have wanted to visit the Himalayas.   It was an adventure, a challenge and the number one item on my bucket list.  After four years of preparation I made it to Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet.  Here in Sacramento I was able to work with a coach who had been twice to Everest.  He set me up with International Mountain Guides and they     assigned three Sherpa to assist me.  I needed all three.  Mike

"Very near the small village of Khunde is the most beautiful spot on earth. I know this should be qualified, so here it  goes, it is by far the most beautiful, breathtaking, jaw-dropping and tear-producing spot I have ever seen. I’m talking about the Hillary Memorial Lookout (13,000 feet) which provides terrific views in all directions of spectacular mountains including Everest. This place should be on everyone’s bucket list, but today we saw only two other trekkers. I’ll be flabbergasted if anything ahead of me tops The Hillary Memorial Lookout."


Mike Schermer

Link to Read about Michael Schermer's Climb and his Photos

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Mumford Memories - RESCUED


                                            Trophiy: Mumford Track City Champion 1959




Mumford Phys Ed. "T" returns to the movies

                                                        (Tap Here for article)



Covid Clean-up: What did you find?  

As we start to exercise a semblance of normalcy we ask you what changed in your life over the last year and a half. We ask you to enter the “Class Chat: Talk and Share” part of our website and fill us in on what you’ve done. I’ll share an example here on the home page:

Early on my wife created a list of things we needed to do to unload the house of its 26 years accumulation. I learned very quickly that if I completed a task, like magic, another chore appeared on my list in its place. To avoid the new responsibility I began to look for hiding places in the confines of my own home - I wasn’t very successful. Even changing my appearance by losing 25 pounds didn’t work. So I finally settled in and cheerfully completed each assignment. 

What fun was had discovering, remembering and sharing finds both large and small.

Passing my elementary school report cards and looking through Post Olympian yearbooks took me straight into my Mumford collection. I don’t think I’ll ever need the notes from Mr. McNair’s Drivers training class or from Mr. Korczynski, Gornbein or Saporsky  for that matter.

Papers are gone. I built a case for saving my purple senior ribbon, my maroon and blue  tassel and of course my senior pin (pictured in the upper left corner of our website).  It’s understood that signed senior pictures with message written by friends, some I still see and think about, are not trash in my house. Yes, the wall tile I salvaged from the entrance to the Mumford swimming pool is a keeper.

The Grand Prize - The Trophies Story:

When we walked the halls of our Mumford at our reunion in 2011 several of us took the time to look through the class composite pictures framed on a rack outside of the main office. I also photographed the display case thinking it would be a remembrance of the trophies won during our time in school.  Link to Mumford Pictures 

Before taking down our Mumford it was decided that some of the tokens/trophies  that represented previous group accomplishment wouldn’t be moved to the new school. They’d be sold as a fundraiser or given away. 

Bob Dovitz called to say he’d meet me at school to see what they were selling. We got there in time to rescue trophies from teams that I belonged to, teams that helped form who I am today. I saw more than the trophies - I saw Kenny Burnley, Homer Heard and David Shevitz winning 100 yard dashes. I saw quarter miler Kenny Jackson and Louis Williams and distance runners Stan Ruby, Walter Foreman with field event participant Larry Okrent and others making a difference. I saw  Coach Mullin encouraging and building success one student athlete  at a time. I saw the cheering supportive Mumford crowd on gasme day. And Yes,  I saw myself owning a piece of our history, I proudly took home the 1959 City Track Championship trophy, 1960’s East League Cross-country championship trophy and the 1961 East League Track Championship trophy.  All were cloaked in the original dust they’d collected in our Mumford over 60 years. Not everything is perfect.  Today, as a compromise that allows the trophies to remain in my home, as seen pictured above, the dust has been removed.  Yes, I’m waiting for my next project :) What did you find? 


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Downtown Detroit & Riverwalk Images

by: Arnie Collens


Good any time of year: the wall at Buddy's Conant & 6 Mile, Detroit
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