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In Memory

Charlene Meltzer (Janis)

Charlene Meltzer (Janis)

From: Judith Pavlovich (Ray)


Deceased Classmate: Charlene Meltzer (Janis)

Date Of Birth: 
Date Deceased: 2010
Age at Death: 67
Cause of Deathkidney failure
Classmate City: los angeles
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: 
Survived By: brother Michael Meltzer - resides in Florida, daughter Dawna Janis and son Anthony (Tony)

I met Charlene in grade school - at the Vernor Grade School - became close friends and never lost touch through the years. Great friend she will be missed.

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10/31/10 12:32 PM #1    

Michael Stecker MD

Charlene Meltzer's 2001 autobiography, as well as those from others Mumford 1961 classmates, can be read at:


Charlene Meltzer


Well, now that I've read about so many of my classmates lives, I've finally decided to write something about what I've been doing for the past four decades

Unlike many of my classmates, I did not go to college -- but began working. My first job was in an insurance investigation office which was interesting but not too exciting. After one year I got a great job working for Cadet Distributing (a one stop for LP's and 45's) and also a PR company for Capitol and Liberty Records. Got to meet quite a few of the "Teenage Idols" in the recording business like Bobby Vee, Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon, etc. And we had quite an interesting sales staff. Enjoyed working there for 5-1/2 years.

Spent the 60s getting married, having major surgery, getting divorced, moving to Chicago, traveling, learning to play guitar, getting remarried. Worked in International Finance at Bell & Howell Corp. Headquarters while in Chicago. After 13 horrible and stormy months of my second marriage, decided to move back to Detroit area where I could be close to family and friends.

Got a great job at Anthony M. Franco Inc. (one of the largest independent Public Relations firm in the country) where I worked for two great Senior Account Reps. I was there from 1971 until 1981 and when I left I was the Supervisor of Accounting Services. Had some great times with some great coworkers and went to a lot of PR functions (even had my photo taken with Charlton Heston), met Tennis Stars, NASCAR drivers, etc. Guess I was destined to be a PR person.

Bought a little house in Oak Park and somehow found my way into Semi Professional Clowning and appeared in the J.L. Hudson Parade on Thanksgiving 1980 (the year it sleeted just as the parade began -- smelled like a wet dog by the end of the day). Also appeared at the Detroit Auto Show as "Sparky the Clown" and did a walkaround in the Shriners Circus. Even taught a small "clowning" class.

Remarried in 1981 and in 1983 we adopted two children. I settled down and finally became "MOM" . In 1986, we moved to Los Angeles (Culver City to be exact) and started a new life. In mid 1988, my husband, Mel, and I divorced and I became "SINGLE MOM" and re-entered the working world. I worked for a CPA, Educational Supply Co and finally a Jewish Synagogue "Temple Beth Am", a very large and dynamic Synagogue outside Beverly Hills, where I have worked for the past 8-1/2 years.

The past year has been one of spiritual growth. My son, Tony, is 23 and my daughter, Dawna, is 21 and I now have time to do some of the things I put off while raising them.

Last year, a friend took me to a Karaoke party, and I became addicted to "SINGING" Karaoke. Bought my own Semi-Professional Karaoke Machine and quite a collection of music. Had a party for my 58th birthday and several times a month I go with friends to a French Restaurant and sing.

Besides 3 husbands, I found my real soulmate in 1968 but G-d took him from me in 1977 (still carry him in my heart). But that's a whole story itself. Someday I will write my memoirs and the whole world will know my story. Until then, that's a brief overview of my life (too many details for this bio) for all you Mumford Mustangs. Still writing my story.

The other night at a restaurant, I heard someone do a "Soupy Sales" smack with his lips. I asked him if he was from Detroit as I hadn't heard that sound in years. And sure enough he was -- and only Detroit's who grew up with Soupy will know what I am talking about. But it warmed my heard and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion.

I am attaching a photo taken in January of 1999 in case you are looking up old photos from the yearbook.

Addendum -- September 17

Well, I started this bio before the September 11 tragedy. My heart has been so heavy this past week. And the emails from everyone regarding this tragedy.....the internet is so wonderful....and brings us so close....even though we are so far from each other. What can one say -- I am trying to get past this.

I am hoping that I will see most of you in November....though I must admit...I was having second thoughts about flying.....but getting past that.

I love having everyone's email so we can continue emailing....and thanks to Nancy for all the time and effort she has put into this project. This is gonna be one hell of a reunion in spite of the tragedy.

That's All Folks!!!!!!!

Charlene Meltzer Janis


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