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In Memory

Jerry Rose

Jerry Rose

 Jerry was both bright and curious. We lived below 6 mile road, in homes with several siblings, on Washburn as kids. Played in the street and spent lots of time playing chess and listening to Jerry talk trivia. He liked to laugh, had a funny walk and although he wasn't athletic he knew sports. We loved to talk stamps and whenever we could, we'd look at Jerry's brother Melvin's stamp collection. Last saw him at our 40th reunion, with warm regards and smiles we parted hoping to connect again. On December 19th we lost a person truly interested in helping others and a true gentleman.

Arnie Collens

For the 40th reunion Jerry wrote:

After high school, I began at Wayne State University in Liberal Arts. I had always wanted to practice medicine and at that time, the university offered a new experimental program referred to as the 2-4-2 program which involved 2 years of Liberal Arts, full time, then 4 years during which I completed the first 2 years of medical school and the last 2 years during which I completed the last 2 years of medical school. One month prior to graduating medical school, my wife, Marlene nee Pam, also a Mumford graduate (1965) and I got married and it has been a great 32 years! I recently told Marlene that she was just like a bottle of fine wine and she said yes, all of the sediment had fallen to the bottom :-)

At any rate, I then began a one-year rotating internship at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak and was subsequently accepted in the residency program to do OB/GYN. I then entered into the private practice of OB/GYN and have remained doing so until recently. Along the way, I was voted the best general gynecologist by the magazine Detroit Monthly. I became active in the Oakland County Medical Society and, after serving as chairman of the mediation committee, the ethics committee, and serving as a board member for several years, I was elected President of the Oakland County Medical Society, a position I held for one year.

I remained practicing OB/GYN full time until 3 months ago. After 16 years with my partner, we separated. I was appointed a Professor of GYN for Wayne State University Medical School and have a dual appointment working with University Women's Care and am running a small private GYN practice. I have paid my dues delivering babies so I now limit the deliveries to a very few women, and I can really pick and choose.

Marlene and I have three delightful children. Our 30-year-old daughter, Melissa Weintraub was married just over one year ago. She is employed as the assistant to the Director of Finance for the Detroit Medical Center and is responsible for physician reimbursement. Our second child, Michael, who is 28 years old, lives in New York and is employed by J. P. Morgan Chase as an international investment banker. Our baby, Rob, is 24 years old and is a computer engineer for Global Crossing and lives in Phoenix.

I really have not had the opportunity to keep up with my classmates, but have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of the bios, which you have so kindly provided. I can't be certain that I will be able to attend the reunion and my thoughts will be with all of you.

Jerry Rose