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In Memory

Susan Topor

Susan Topor

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08/22/11 09:33 PM #1    

Gerald Share

 Susie and I had parents who were friends since they were in their teens.  Kay, her mom and Libbie, my mom were very active in three different volunteer organizations.   I knew Susie since we were in classes together in the 10th grade.   I had a crush on her but we never socialized until my Jr year at MSU.   Bobby Rudin was her boyfriend before then.    One of many dates, I took Susie to a football game.   A frat brother saw us sitting together (in a misty rain) and commented how attractve my date is, and it was a shame that the rain caused her beautiful hair color "to run"!     

Dave was kidding her all the rest of the game.   She got all the attenion.  Silver streaked hair was her highlight, only exceeded by her never-ending SMILE.   A year later she was visiting her sister and neice in AZ when she was diagnosed with leukemia.

I visited her a couple of times before she left Detroit to go to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, to be part of a study.

I received permission to visit her at Hopkins, while chaperoning a high school group trip to D.C in '67.

The morning prior to my visit, I phoned them for confirmation of my arrival.  I got a 'run-around' for 15 minutes beofre her Personal Physician informed me "Susan was the best helper in the ward. She kept all of the children and some of the adult participants constantly smiling with her charm and caring that she showed to other.   Susan 'left us' this morning at 6:405 am"

I think about you, Susan, every time I send a geeting card to anyone as well as every holiday & condolence card I write!  

Jerry Share


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