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In Memory

Geraldine Winkler (Ruderman)

Geri Winkler wrote the following for our 40th reunion:

Hi, Nancy....I guess most of the bios are from ex-Detroiters and so is mine. After graduating college I taught art in the Detroit area for a couple of years. I always loved New York City and decided to move there. I got a job in the textile industry, which I loved. However, after a couple years in New York, I got married and was soon pregnant. I was forced to take a leave and never returned to work...at least for awhile. I enjoyed suburban life and raising two beautiful daughters.
By the time my oldest entered her teens, I decided I needed something more meaningful to do. I had taken classes at Parsons (Design School) and got another degree. I tried my hand at Interior design. I even worked for a short time for Leona Helmsley, re-doing some of the hotels she owned...no I wasn't fired. Even though I liked the design part, I hated telling people what to do constantly. By 1987 I was hired as a recruiter for a small market research company and from there became a recruiter at two large companies. The recession hit in 1990 and I was out of a job. I decided that I always enjoyed traveling and started working for a travel agency.......which I am still doing. I guess many us are capable of doing a lot of different things well.
My life was fairly normal until January 1997 when i was operated on for Colon cancer. Its been a constant battle with treatments and surgeries. If it wasn't for good friends and
family I do not think I would have made it this far. One thing is for certain, you can be living a very comfortable life, but everything becomes meaningless when you're sick.
I do miss talking about the old days at Mumford. If anyone has any funny stories I would love to hear from them.............................Geri Winkler Ruderman