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Mumford 60th Reunion Survey

A reminder:
On August 26, 27, and 28th, 2011, the Mumford Class of 61 held our 50-year reunion featuring Friday night Elementary School get togethers, the Reunion at the Troy Somerset Inn Saturday Night and on Sunday morning the last ever Brunch in our Mumford cafeteria. Friday Night served as a warm up as we met in smaller groups and spent quality time saying hello with our oldest friends. Over 400 of us reunited on Saturday at the Somerset Inn.  The night was both electric and too short. Sunday we went to the school for what was a terriffic, Matt Prentice, brunch, a Forbidden Mumford program, and a last walk down the old school halls with friends. Names and stories about those that attended and those that could not attend were affectionately remembered, embellished, and savored. The weekend confirms, with all out similarities and individual differences, we remain a special group . . . and it was great to reach out and touch each other, to say "I'm Ok."

That said in 2011, we, the reunion committee, were asked all that weekend, "What are we doing next?"

Well, now it's a fast 10 years later: We're still getting calls, emails and in-person questions asking "When's the next reunion. We all know time's meter continues. We know we've lost 179 classmates,  We are all concerned about the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and all of us are living the uncertainties of everyday life. So we the steering committee have met and are seeking your guidance.

This Survey:

We've been hearing that our next reunion should be low key and held in a comfortble venue that features adequate space for quiet conversation. We've also looked at our survey from our last reunion and learned what we did right and what we could have done differently. Now it's 2020 and we need to start planning - that means sharing ideas and hearing from you. Your opinions are a must.  Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Give your answers some thought and please respond immediately as your input will determine our next step....  Be sure to tap the "SUBMIT" button at the end of the survey. 

Thank you,

  Your Reunion Steering Committee

 Composed of previous committee chairs, Bob Dovitz, Chairman

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1)   * From our research, most classmates prefer a beautiful fall ( September-October) weekend for our reunion. Will you attend a Mumford "61" Reunion if held next year in the fall of 2021 or would you prefer to wait until the fall of 2022.

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2)   * For our reunion, would you prefer a Hotel banquet room setting or a Golf Course club room venue?

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3)   Questions and Comments

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You may ask or suggest as you wish. Please limit your comments to a paragraph.