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   1. WE HAVE a Class of "61" Reunion!

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    2.  Judy Cohen still writing, she's exciting to read!


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                October 7th Bus Tour & Saturday night get together



      2.         What's New With Our Judy Cohen?

       Judy covered activities for our Yearbook - MHS "CAPRI"

She earned Quill and Scroll honors.

Thoughtful and talented - She continues using the pen:

Judy has enjoyed a wonderful career as an academic and published short story author.  Now retired as Professor, Emerita, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, she remains ultra active reaching out and living her passion for writing. Below is her newly released book: "Never Be Normal".  Read below and follow the live links as Judy shares her fascinating storied career that began in those wonderful English classes at 17100 Wyoming - Our Mumford. 

Judy Says:

I am the featured writer this month on this website: https://alphabetbox.com/judith-cohen-interview/.  An essay I wrote about the writers Grace Paley and John Cheever is the piece featured. https://alphabetbox.com

  Judith Beth Cohen’s story collection Never Be Normal is available from Atmosphere Press, September 2021. $17.99 (ISBN 978-63988-997-6.), Bookshop. Org (the independent site), or Amazon. She depicts sixties rebels, political activists, struggling couples, and singles looking for love with humor and empathy. Readers meet a Jewish bus driver in Texas, a Yoga Guru, A Palestinian peace activist, and an obese child with a terminal disease. There’s a therapist who brings a live python to his disturbed charges and a single woman who joins a scheme for borrowing married men. A feuding couple fight a forest fire on an Indian reservation. Devastated by a fatal hunting accident, another woman resists police efforts to help her, and a radical South African priest hides in Ireland. These rebels and self-identified outsiders confront their demons.  

Most of the stories have appeared in literary magazines and journals but this volume makes them available to a larger audience.  (There’s even one about an aborted high school reunion).Cohen’s novel Seasons (The Permanent Press, Sag Harbor, NY), and Jahreszeiten (Vermont Diary), Rowohlt, Frankfurt, Germany, is available as an eBook. She has taught at Harvard and Lesley Universities. Reviewers have said: “Almost every story features a woman who observes life with a beguiling mix of intelligence, skepticism, hope and humor. Perfect for these pandemic times.”

“High Peaks,” Coneflower Cafe, Spring 2023,  choeofpleirnpress@gmail.com.  This forthcoming story from my young, single days spoofs searching for love by joining a hiking club. 

I help support a school in Alotonango, Guatemala. Read about it here: [www.underthesamemoon.org]. 


 Other Mumford Class of "61" Home Page content changes and additions:

1. In Memory - Sandra Sandi Stearn Begel

2. In Memory - Lawrence Grosberg

3. Remembering our Mumford Website co-founder Ben Craine

4. Mumford Memories

1. Sandra Sandi Stearn Begel of Oak Park, MI passed on April 3, 2023. 

To add your thoughts and memories of Sandi go to her page.  Tap this live link: "In Memory" to do so.

 May her memory be a blessing and may she rest in peace.   

Professor Lawrence M. Grosberg (1944-2023)

2. Professor Lawrence Grosberg of New York, New York passed on March 7, 2023. 

To add your thoughts and memories of Larry go to his page.  Tap this live link: "In Memory" to do so.

 May his memory be a blessing and may he rest in peace.   


3. Remembering Our Mumford Website co-administrator, Benjamin (Ben) H. Craine  of Bloomfield Township, Michigan,
passed away after sunset on June 26, 2022. 
As Co- editor, this website reflects his true goodness, caring nature and inclusive values.
As a true mensch he made your heart smile, knew the right thing to do and as a decision maker
artfully shared his thinking. Ben's page - Tap this live link:  "In Memory" 

FYI: By tapping any link  "In Memory"  above, you will be taken to  our classmate's page to add your thoughts - to remember.





Mumford Memories - RESCUED


                                            Trophiy: Mumford Track - City Champions



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Good any time of year: the wall at Buddy's Conant & 6 Mile, Detroit
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