We remember our teacher, Jonathan Swift, who died April 11, 2017.  Jonathan was 84.  He taught at Mumford from 1957-1964, a short time, but he touched the lives of many of us. He was also adjunct faculty at Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and Oakland Community College. Jonathan was a pioneer in Global Education in the United States and, in 1976 became the founding Director of the High School of Global Education in Livonia, Michigan, a position he held until 1997. His most recent position was Director of the Center for International Studies at Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan.  
For over 25 years, for Bloomfield Community Television, he produced and hosted hundreds of episodes of Global Connections, Dining out with Jonathan Swift, and Time out for Opera.



















From time to time we plan to highlight one of our classmates, and we need your help.  Below, we are profiling Larry Brilliant.  Please feel free to let us know what you have done, or are doing, and we will pick additional classmates to profile.

Linda Shaye

For a variety of reasons Linda Shaye [Lin now] has led a very interesting life.  Many will recognize Lin from her breakout role of Magda in the Farrelly Brothers film, There’s Something About Mary.  Before that, Lin was featured in another Farrelly brothers film, Kingpin, but she had already appeared in many movies both feature films and TV films, starting with Hester Street in 1975.  Linda began acting at Mumford in a variety of Drama Club roles.  Not long after attending the University of Michigan, she ended up working at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, then worked as a prop master for a West End theater in London.  Off to Israel, and two kibbutz’s, for a while, then back to London, and on to New York, where she stayed with Linda Pollard and Rena Pokempner.   Worked in the registrar’s office, Museum of Modern Art, then accepted into the Columbia University’s Master’s Program in Theater Arts.  After a sojourn to LA, back to NYC, doing theater for the next seven years.

In 1977, back to LA, starting a theater company, LA Theater Unit.  “Acting, acting, and more acting.”  After losing her first husband, Marshall Rubinoff, in a tragic accident, years later, while in LA, married Clayton Landey; later divorced, but not before giving birth to Lee J. Shaye Landey, now 27.  Many movie rolls over many years, “adoring her fantastic career.” Now a key player in a film franchise called Insidious; just finished the fourth one, to be released in October, 2017.

From Lin, “ . . . friends, work . . . doggies have come and gone . . . present is little rescue Lily and two crazy cat brothers.  Had two horses, a western rider, competing in what is called ‘reining.’  LOVE MY LIFE . .  . wanna live til 115 . . . WANNA SEE WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT.”

Lin in her signature role of Magda


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